About Tong Hong

    We, Tong Hong Ltd. Co., specialized in producing all kinds of sophisticated parts (made of Al. Stainless  Steel, Steel, Copper, iron), focus our design and production on various kinds of magnetic coil and injection forming technology.
    With our high-precision and nonstop operation producing technology and strict quality control, it is worthwhile for you to entrust. For more than 30 years of professional technical experience, we have full experience on oil-compression industry. Relying on our continuous research and development in processing technology and expansion of high-precision equipments, we gain the endorsement from the local well-known factories for our excellent processing capability, reasonable price, on-time delivery, excellent quality and efficiency of service.
   Thereby, we invite you to provide design and sample for collaborated development. With our sincere service and reasonable price, we will produce the most satisfactory product for you. "Pursuing of quality and upgrading of efficiency" is an everlasting managing concept of our company.